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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something New

Progress is slow but sure as I continue to develop the last two quests I had in mind to do. While doing so, I have been trying for a few new ideas, including adding "portly" characters (currently being worked on by Eguintir) and incorporating scenes that use non-interactive "ghosts". Both these additions might be considered "non-essential", but I do think attention to such things can add an element to a game that can make it more memorable.

Anyway, as much of what I have done this week involves material I cannot divulge (due to spoilers), I thought I would simply post a few images showing content that I did a while ago (old), something that was based upon a "borrowed" idea and something that showed something I recently added (new).

Something Old

Conversation demonstrating old influence system and spotlight system.
Something Borrowed

An interactive Notice Board system that alters the scroll images as selected.
Something New

A quick and easy way to check out the surrounding creatures.
The Poison Poll

Although there were not many voters for the Poison Usage Poll, the results (below) probably do reflect a reasonable response:-

Poison Poll Results!

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