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Friday, 13 December 2013

Difficult Days ....

There is no doubt that the events of the last few weeks/months/year with the deaths of all three of our house rabbits, Bud and Daisy and Honey has hit me hard. I mention this here and now to readers to let them know that I do still intend to come back to working on the module, but I need some time to adjust to the changes that have happened.

My wife has some time off work in the next week or so and, hopefully, we can spend some time together, doing different things to help us both move on and into a schedule that does not painfully remind us that our beloved bunnies are gone. They were our "family", and demanded the same attention as playful children. And as I am relatively house bound with my illness of M.E., they had been a source of companionship for me. Their absence takes some getting used to - and while it will never be the same, I am hoping that I will eventually be able to return to working on the module without feeling as though the world is "too quiet" to work in without them being around.

With this in mind, I hope to return to a better schedule in the new year. Until that time, the odd bit I do between now and then will be nothing more than "pottering" around with the toolset just to keep me active in it. I don't suppose anything I do will be worth reporting, and so ask readers to be patient until I post again some time in January 2014.

God willing, the module will be finished ... I just need the time to adjust to the changes in my and my wife's lives.

Until the new year, all the best to my readers ....

And thinking of all my wonderful pets ...

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