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Friday, 11 October 2013

Journeying Onward

Things remain somewhat unsettled at the house since "Bud" died only a short while ago. It's surprising how the loss of one little rabbit can make the whole place seem quieter ... and so much emptier. Yet, my own journey in this world has not yet come to an end and so I continue with what I can do and hold onto the fond memories I have of Bud from the years of having him in our lives.

Small Distractions

So, what have I been doing regarding the module? Sticking with those parts that need the least amount of thought to be honest. Those parts that simply distract me, and allow me to continue to contribute a few more steps towards completing the module. Things like trying to improve elements of code that needed such. Including making automatons appear not obvious until activated ... and being able to have code that played sounds while the character was moving. (That had been a bugbear for a while for me, but was something I had actually solved in another area of code once before, but had forgotten about.) I also fixed a "ClearAllActions" that was stopping actions every heartbeat, and tidied up the "placeable" bashing code to ensure the PC kept bashing until the object was destroyed. Basically, I worked at small pieces of code that needed addressing and were easy enough to cope with for now.

Conversation Poll Results

The poll asking about conversations in a MP game ended a while ago, and the general consensus was that, even during MP gaming, they remain essential. This confirmed what I already thought, but knowing how some people play RPGs, I recognise that some may have not realised that a story based module, like mine, will have quite a few that players should realise will occur during play.

The Next Steps

As time goes by, I will start to look at those few outstanding points I need to finish:-

1) Finish the couple of main story "dungeons". (Plot realised, just needs coding now.)
2) Add a couple of side quests. (I decided I wanted a couple more minor ones to flesh out.)
3) Add the Lore & Arcana section to the Main Menu. (Tab already added, just need to add data.)
4) Finish the final conversations.

The Notice Boards

For those following what I was doing with the Notice Board, I managed to finish that just before my last post. It works fine and I am pleased that I can also add "image" scrolls as well as plain text ones. Here a couple of screenshots of the opening GUI, but without having clicked on any of the notice scrolls.

Any Work On Offer?
Notice Board - Showing GUI Scale
The Missions of Mercy Board" At The Church

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