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Thursday, 6 June 2013

In Game Help & Information

Things have settled down again here now, and I have had a little time and energy to attend to this blog ... which also means I have a little more information about the module. I have decided that some of my in-game interfaces may need more information for the player when encountered for the first time. Therefore, to this end, I decided to put together a single "Help and Information" script that is called from clicking on a button that these interfaces may have.

I have not yet decided on all the gaming elements that will include this system, but the way I am implementing it is very simple and flexible enough to include for any of those that beta-testers feel require a little more information for usage. A few lines of code can simply be added to each XML script that requires the extra button to link to the "help box", which in turn feeds the relevant help text to the new box that clicking the button brings up, all from a single script. Below is an example of the kind of thing I mean - this is an example of somebody reading about interacting with a "Combination Lock" for the first time:

Hovering over buttons brings basic information.
The player requires some extra information about potential interaction and so clicks the option.
The player can scroll to read all the extra information available.
From my own experience, I have found that some games do not give enough "instructions" for my liking and having a quick discrete button to additional information and help seemed to be the best solution as far as I could see.

I continue to chip away at the final stages to this module ...

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