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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The End of the Beginning (Draws Near)

I decided to take a look over the first module and write down those things that I still want to do before releasing it for BETA testing ... and the list is finally starting to look smaller! In fact, I concluded that I could mark another couple of notches on the "Completion" figure to read 92% complete! To put that into perspective, I hope to start BETA testing at 97%, and release on the Vault at 99% ... (allowing 1% for patching and/or fixes after release). So, one could say that I am only 5% from "completion" in some ways.


I can still see work required in at least six conversations. Here are three of the characters involved:-

The PC finally gets to meet the man in charge!
A sudden encounter with a beautiful naked woman?
Does this man control some power around here?

I also still have work to do on at least half a dozen creatures affecting as many areas. i.e. Adjust statistics and address AI for them ... and then test for balance.


Every quest in the campaign journal (apart from those that extend to later modules) now have "completed" stages ticked, which means I have coded for at least one end point in every quest in the module. Note, I may still have one or two "complete" options still to code for here, but the vast majority are done.

There are also two quests that require "fleshing out" completely, and about 2-3 that still need some work. E.g. In the last picture above, even the area detail is a little sparse. This image also reflects the amount of work I feel still needs to be put into this particular quest.

All in all though, I do think I can see the very first stages of an end to this first module in sight. Subject to my health ... and inspiration, I believe the module can be completed in the coming months.

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