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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Locate Or Create!

I have taken a break from writing conversations this week to concentrate on a loot script. The scripts that come with the official campaign are too generous for my tastes, and offer too many items that simply do not fit in with the style and design of the Althéa Campaign. As regular readers will know, this campaign is based upon my world, Althéa, and has nothing to do with the OC setting. This means I have to edit the scripts that give the loot, including any 2da tables that might be used. It is something I have been meaning to do for some time, as this particular loot script I am writing addresses potential weapon and armour drops, among other items.

The PC comes across some weapon racks! Maybe they will contain something useful?

Thankfully, I was still able to make use of many lines from the existing nw_o2_coninclude script that comes with the game, even if I ended up changing many of the items that can be dropped. Furthermore, I have redesigned the way the script works from the base up, as its probabilities are rather convoluted and are strongly tied into items that I do not want to include in the drops. The main thing I wanted was a script that could be made to randomise the chances, quantities and types of drops subject to parameters I set at build time. And while I have not yet completed (made use of) class related code, it is place to make use of if I ever want to come back and do so.

Crafting Reference Lines

Fellow builders may be interested to know that I discovered one needs to add a line to the crafting_index.2da if one is adding recipes to the crafting.2da. You need to add a line to the former 2da file to inform the latter which line the associated crafting item reference starts from. If you do not do this, then the ginc_crafting script will not work properly and always return a failed recipe. This module, The Scroll, makes use of all the crafting systems that have ever come with the NWN2 games, but this is referring to the earlier original system. Hopefully, the compiled image below will help explain.

Make sure you add the starting line for any new craft recipes required in the crafting_index.2da

Build It Or Loot It?

Now, you may be asking why was I editing crafting systems while writing a loot script? The answer is because I have added/edited in items to the loot script that reflects what players can also craft. This includes the various forms of splint mail (darksteel, mithral and adamantine), which I have found missing in the original campaign, but have added back for my own modules. In fact, the whole crafting system has undergone quite an overhaul over the years, which I hope will give the game a fresh feel for players when the time comes.


Master Changer said...

"Now, you may be asking why was I editing crafting systems while writing a loot script?"

I don't find myself asking that at all; crafting and looting very much need to be looked at as two pieces of the same system. In fact, I'd add one more piece and make it a triangle: purchasing (gold), crafting, and looting.

Now, I never much cared for any of the OC crafting systems. I much prefer some time of Craftable Natural Resources system, which involves acquiring ingredients from places that make sense. A wild animal can be skinned for a hide--none of this silly business with turning a wolf into an "essence." Having said that, CNR systems work much better in PWs or in open worlds where you can return to certain places over and over again as needed. It might work less well for a story-driven adventure.

Let's hope this goes through. I've actually written a few comments recently that I had to give up on due to Captcha just being impossible.

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Hi MC,

I guess it was a rhetorical segue kind of question. ;) And you are absolutely correct about the gold part too.

As it happens, the "essence" concept works into my own story line quite well, so I am good with that, even if I have made the overall process more "manageable" (in my opinion). That said, having managed to incorporate all systems, I am hoping there is something to please most people.

Yes, I really dislike that Captcha system myself, but I was receiving some dodgy posts and felt it could do with being added. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Shaughn said...

For random area loot I have modified and created a campaign version of the X0_I0_TREASURE script and it counterparts low-high. I use this for all the random container treasure. This way I can place the treasure in area specific chest and control what is found.

Most recently I used this in a ancient crypt. The caskets throughout the area contained ruined items, bone wands, poisons and other items found in an area overrun with ghouls.

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Hi Shaugn,

I did a similar thing to you with the gp_treasure_op_de OC script. That also had LOW-HIGH boolean logic. (I also re-enabled the VERY HIGH option.)

So, along with the latest altered loot script, I hopefully have all my options covered ... although I may still look at the class drops at some point.