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Friday, 2 December 2011

Better The .... Items (The Chameleon Stone)

I thought it was about time that I started to share some information with you about the campaign play itself. From now, and in the coming weeks, I hope I may be able to talk about some of the items that you would be familiar with in the campaign world of Althéa, and some of the gaming mechanics (rules) from the manual I am trying to write. At least this way, any writing I do for the manual will act as a blog post as well, so I am not overdoing it. Subject to how much of a spoiler I determine an item (or placeable) to be, will determine how much detail I give, or whether I discuss it at all. ;)

The Chameleon Stone

For this week, I introduce to you the Chameleon Stone ... A small magikal stone that has the ability to transform into the object which it hides. Check out the description of the item as it will appear in the game, along with an example of its GUI upon its activation.
This is just one example of a new item that the players will find in the world. Hopefully, the sporadic placement of such items will help make Althéa an interesting place to explore and discover.

NEW POLL: Freewill v Predestination

As a quick aside, I wanted to take another poll on how people think/believe. It comes from some of my other blogs that talk about the nature of reality and beliefs. (Search this blog for them.) If you have a minute, just give me your response, and feel free to give your reasoning in a comment.

Very basically, the poll is asking whether you believe if everything follows a predestined and determined path - whether because of the laws of nature or an intelligent design or whether the universe is purely chaotic in nature where man is free to make a choice.


Master Changer said...

Very interesting stuff, Lance. That Chameleon Stone has a real fantasy element to it.

Just incidentally, I thought I'd offer some proof-reading for the description you posted (another bonus to posting this stuff ahead of time? Heh heh). The first line of the second paragraph that reads like this: "The inscription composes of a simple question or statement..." is awkward. It could be "The inscription is comprised of a simple question or statement" or "comprises a simple question or statement."

Hope this is useful, and keep up the good work!

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Hi MC,

You are absolutely correct. I can see where I have changed the description and left the wrong word in place. I originally had something that used "composes" in some way and read the word as "comprised" in my mind. It should have been changed.

There may be quite a few typos like that between now and the final. Hopefully, you will be a beta tester for me to help catch things like that.

I'll update that now and repost the screenshot!

Many thanks.