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Friday, 29 October 2010


It's been a difficult couple of weeks for me since I last blogged. Personal circumstances have impacted on my health and time, which means work on the module is affected. An ongoing personal issue has robbed me of being able to do much more than the occasional conversation line for the module. On a positive note, however, Hoegbo is close to completing the areas he took on board to do for me, which means quite a bit of work has been done "in my absence" as it were. Furthermore, Deflektor has kindly put together a couple of music tracks for the module for me. The first track (as it currently stands) is the main title track for the campaign, while the second is one I have reserved for an area. I won't give you its title as it would be a spoiler. He said he would like to do some more in the future. Hoegbo has also said he would like to do the tracks for the areas he has created if he gets the time between doing his own module.

I have quickly put together a simple video of a few screenshots (all previously shown in this blog) as back drops to the new music tracks. To save space, I have had to drop the quality a bit, but I hope the quality remains good enough to hear the tracks: (EDIT: Having seen the video playback, I can see that Blogger downgrades the video even further than my original upload. Fortunately, the music is still clear enough to appreciate.)



Subject to how my personal circumstances play out over the coming days and weeks, blog updates may affected until I am back to a more stable environment. Rest assured, I will continue to work on the module as and when I am able, but I must prioritise this current personal issue until it is resolved.


Anonymous said...

Good to see(hear?) the music! Things seem to be coming up well for you with areas and other things--I hope your personal problems don't take up too much time. :(

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Hi CW,

Yes, the music is very good. Thank you for the encouragement to do something with it.

Hopefully, as things settle down again, my module work will improve. The problem is that my health limits me to what I can do and so anything that upsets my pacing upsets my health and impacts on what I end up being able to do.

As I always say though, even though it is taking me a long time, I will finish, God willing.