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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Writing: The Blessing

Most of this blog's readers will know that I suffer from an illness called M.E. It causes me grief in one way or another all of the time. Over the last few years, I have suffered a great deal more from aches and pains, especially in the back. This week has been no exception and the frustrations and incapacities it causes are most infuriating. I no longer work, so I am in a position where I can rest as often as I need to, which is far more often than I would prefer. However, the beauty of a having a hobby like writing a module for NWN or for this blog is that it is flexible with my condition. If I am in too much pain or too tired, I can simply go to bed. On the other hand, if I have an hour or two where I am in less pain and feeling up to it, I can chip away at the story of the module I am creating. I can also update this blog.

This week I have added to the conversations and fixed some of the code to help move the plot forward. I don't know how much word counts help give an indication of progress, but one conversation (that I have been working on since day one) has over 6500 words - and is not even finished yet! This does come from one of the main NPCs of course.

I am also spending some time looking at bringing together the last few quests of the first module. While separate quests, they do have some cross-over in play and I am doing my best to ensure all the variable states stay correct at all times.

I am a little concerned about HOSA at the moment (who is working on some of the areas for me), as I have not heard from him since 27th June. I know he had a problem with his computer's graphic card, but he has not responded to a number of emails since then. His last email was optimistic though, so I hope it's just an ongoing issue with his computer that is simply taking a while to fix.

A lot of my ongoing work now is continued writing of the plot with conversations and scripting. Therefore, I am opening up the blog to readers to ask what they would like to hear more about with respect to gameplay. I believe I have covered a number of the module's gaming aspects already, but if there is anything readers are not clear about, then please contact me.

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