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Friday, 4 December 2009

It's That Time Of Year Again

This time last year I felt the winter slow down - and I think it's back. The dark days and cold nights tend to sap what little energy I already have and everything slows down as a process. (As if it wasn't going slow enough already!) That said, I am still working on the module as the inspiration takes me and slow progress is better than no progress. :)


This week I did more towards stores and items that can be bought and sold. Once again, my goal is to arrange unique shops that allow the player to buy and sell according to the NPC they are trading with. E.g. Armour and weapons will not be sold by an alchemist and black market items will not be sold by the healer. Common sense really, but in each case I am also adding my "changing stock" code that means players may find different stock with each visit, thereby allowing a freshness with each visit. Furthermore, dealing with black market traders affects alignment. Basically, I am continuing to include the "real life" system into as many areas of play as possible.

Launder Items

On the back of the black market store, I have also coded the launder workbench. This is a special place where PCs can have items they have stolen laundered for a price. Having a stolen item laundered removes its stolen status (and red name), allowing the PC to sell it elsewhere if need be. It also means the PC is no longer seen to be carrying stolen items.

New Area

I also started to design another area for a new side quest. I suck at this part and decided not to place any screenshots just yet as I hope I may improve them in the future. Hopefully, when it comes to playing the side-quest, the gameplay will outshine what the player is looking at. ;)

Readable Books

I continue to make use of my own Readable Books code and have written another book that the players can find. However, I decided to update the code to work for a MP game now. In other words, if there is any XP awarded for reading a book, the XP is awarded to every PC and not just the reader as originally planned. I felt this would support the party approach better.

PLOT PREFERENCE: Don't Forget To Vote

Just a quick reminder to ask for your vote (and feedback?) on your gaming preferences as requested in this post.

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