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Saturday, 19 September 2009

History In The Making

This week, I have been trying to tidy up some of the files that can be downloaded for players to read some background story to the campaign. These are basically synopses of gameplay that my own group of players did between the years of 2002 - 2008. Unfortunately, all the adventures except the last one (Soul Shaker) were not written for general release and required DM controlling a unique turn-based combat system I wrote with NWN. (Soul Shaker can be downloaded from the Vault.)

NOTE: Knowledge of the campaign is not required, but if you want to get a better understanding of what has already transpired and like a simple read, then feel free to download a chapter and take a look. Some chapters are better written than others. (Remember, these were originally only written to remind my players what had happened each week between play and so I was not always giving the writing my 100% attention.)

I am also continuing to work on the new website to help provide other background (covering earlier parts that these synopses do not cover) and other game mechanics information.

Better The Demon

The next chapter begins after Soul Shaker and as you will know by now is called, "Better The Demon". It is designed in NWN2, whereas all earlier adventures used NWN1.

Progress with this latest module is slower than I would have liked for a number of reasons, primarily due to my health. However, I am still progressing, and I started work on another area this week and added another unique item that can be used in my modules: Rope. While this item may not be quite as flexible as in a PnP game, it will, none the less, be something to add a new dimension to the game.


HerrJeff said...

Hi Lance,

Happy to see Soul Shaker's still on NWVault's Top 10, although this also means you're not in the Hall Of Fame yet... I also saw a notice indicating that NWN2 is currently on sale for 5$ on Direct2Drive's website: a really good deal for those who haven't buy that game yet and might want to play your next module!

Sorry to read your health is still "shaky". I hope you'll get better any time soon. Take care,

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Hi Herrjeff,

Good to hear from you again. I hope all is well with you. :)

Yes, it would be good to see Soul Shaker get a Hall of Fame award, but I am not too sure how many peple are still playing NWN1 now ... and voting. Also, SS tends to be a "love or hate" and so it may be that some have decided just not to vote because it was not their kind of thing.

Hopefully, there will be a number of players of NWN2 still when I release "Better The Demon". It really will be a combinaton of traditional D&D with a few add-ons that I like to think will make a difference.

My health can be really annoying at times, especially when I feel like I have plenty of ideas to get going on and I just feel too tired to even turn the cmputer on. :(

I am determined (God willing) to get this module done though ... Did you say you would be around for play testing? It's a few months off yet, but it would be good to know it was going to have a thorough testing before release again. In theory, there should be less to go wrong in this one, although I am trying to make it MP again, which means I need SP testers to ensure MP does not mess anything up.

All the best,