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Friday, 5 September 2008

NWN Podcast: Golden Dragon Award

Trey and Tyler interviewed me for my Golden Dragon Award at the NWN Podcast. We all had a great time and you can hear the most skilled and edited version by following the link above. I enjoyed the interview and found both Trey and Tyler did a great job of making me feel most welcome. Thanks guys! It was great fun!

For those who listened to the podcast and want to download my story, "Deep Within", you can download it here.

On another note, I am in the process of adding a new computer to my network that is capable of playing NWN2. I need this so that I can test multi-player gaming as I write the module. I have found on occasion that there are certain functions that I am not sure how they will work in a multi-player environment, and so I hope that once the new computer in place, their testing and use will become much clearer.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the ASUS P5Q motherboard I bought appears that it may have a fault, as neither the LAN (speed) nor the sound card (microphone) work properly. I thought it was simply due to bad drivers, but the assistant at ASUS has asked me to get the board changed. I will have to see how that pans out. I don't like doing this though, as it means I have to remove the CPU, memory and other hardware and leave it waiting around until the new motherboard comes along. When I build a PC, the less fitting and removing of hardware the better in my opinion.

The building and subsequent problems with the new computer does mean I have not had the chance to do much module building lately. I look forward to getting settled back into this again.

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