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Thursday, 17 April 2008

Captured Souls (ADV)

I felt that this week was a strong one for character development of the PCs. They managed to find the Rest Area key and added quite a few Soul Fragments along the way, giving them plenty to exchange at a Soul Forge to help start to prepare themselves for the areas ahead. They also came across a Soul Prison for the first time, which, after realising that their weapons could not destroy it (or stop the screaming), they decided to interact with it instead. Then they quickly learned the neat rewards to be had for releasing a trapped soul.

There was another minor bug to report that has now been fixed in patch v1.03. It was an erroneous check in place to see if a PC carried enough Spirit Fragments to sustain a weapon. As only a smith hammer is required to sustain a weapon, this was obviously a bug and is now fixed. Note: The code never actually removed the Spirit Fragments, but would simply not allow the PC to try to sustain a weapon if they were not carrying at least 30 Spirit Fragments.

Multi-Player Teamwork

When playing Soul Shaker, it is very tempting to develop all skills that you would like your PC to use. However, in a multi-player game, this desire needs to be curbed. When there is more than one PC present, skills are best developed around the group so that each can excel in an ability, rather than have a few PCs each with the same skills, but poorly developed.

As the game has progressed, it has become obvious that Karasten (a natural Influencer) has continued to develop this side of his character and for this reason should be given all the help to acquire spells and mana potions. Myara, on the other hand, has developed her sustain, restore and amend skills, and so anybody who wants work done with a weapon should give her the job to do rather than try to develop the skills themselves to do the job. Then there is Grimbold, who is very much the Affector of the group, who should be given the best weapons if and when found. While it is possible to develop the skills you need individually, you will miss out on acquiring the highest scores in abilities that will set you apart from others.


"The group had finally made it to the Rest Area, but what was that awful screaming they could hear? Somewhere nearby, a dreadful wailing, as if souls in torment could be heard. It did not take long for the group to discover the source of the disturbing cries: In a large chamber just off the passageway was a hovering sphere that appeared to tumble in mid-air. The screaming was coming from here and both the sounds and sight disturbed the heroes." Read the full synopsis here.

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