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Thursday, 27 December 2007

Map Within Map Video

Because this blogger allows for video uploads, I thought I would demonstrate the "Map Within Map Scripts" working with a short AVI. Let me know if you can see the video alright, or if it is not worth doing in future. You may need to watch it a few times to notice what is happening. Basically, after starting the world map, I click on the top most icon directly on the map, to show the North Tear map and then I click on the bottom icon on this map to return to the original South Tear map. Next I demonstrate by using the menu and click on a NEW MAP (North Tear) from the menu on the right, and the map changes. On the map that shows, I click on the only option available: NEW MAP (South Tear) and I return to the first map (South Tear) again. Finally I exit the map. (Look out for the compass rose on the North Tear map as a guide to the change.)

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